Springing ahead, Spring Home & Garden Show 2017

It’s that blah time of the year when we just wish for the ability to wave a magic wand and Ta..Da! It’s Spring!. It’s been so cold here lately, but on the bright side, we have had lots of sunshine, and Sunshine is a good thing.

We know some of you are in the midst of Home renovations… it’s easier to get Tradespeople now, and it’s cold outside anyway, you may as well get the renos done now, so when the weather gets nice, you can be outside enjoying Life! The #1 Reno is the KITCHEN, and yes, you can mix wood cabinets and painted cabinets.

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Some of you have Oak cabinets , and want to know about painting them with #Cottage Paint. Visit The Camellia at the Spring Home and Garden Show 2017, for more information on painting your cabinets ( Coliseum Building).  Visit http://www.thecamellia.com , and click on the Cottage Paint page.




Some of you may be thinking about new Blinds and Window treatments…you can visit The Design Studio at the Spring Home and Garden show 2017, and speak to Celine for advice.

See you at the Show…for more information, p (807)622-6473





About thecamellia

The Camellia is a destination store in the Countryside, Camille is passionate about Home Decorating, Gardening, and Floral Design. Come visit us at The Camellia for Hand-made treasures, fashion accessories, oh-so-soft cotton linens, and fabulous floral designs. We deliver Gifts and Flowers in Thunder Bay, On.
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