Are Deer eating your Garden? Call Superior Deer Control (807)4721669

Deer..they are so cute, until you discover that they have eaten all of your spring Tulips, and your cedars, and one even came up to your front door to try and eat faux Apples off of a Wreath!!  What can you do? Some of you have said..I just can’t plant a Garden, they will destroy everything. And besides, they look kinda cute when they’re not destroying things around your yard. We even tried some electronic motion-activated gadget that sounded an alarm when they were nearby ( of course they come out at night when you are asleep). It was comical watching them, at first, the sound would scare them off, then they got used to it. And then they ate my hostas. I was not impressed, they chewed them right down to ground level. Sigh…quite often I use hosta leaves in my floral designs. Eventually we gave up and every Fall, we fence in our cedar bushes.

How about You…I’m sure they have done some damage in your yard…share with us below by leaving a comment.



What did you just are not Gardening…..????  that would be such a loss.

There is a solution. Call Superior Deer Control, they are a Thunder Bay Area business that provides a service which will prevent deer from destroying your yard.

  • Weather resistant
  • environmentally safe
  • no pesticides
  • cost efefctive
  • harmless to wildlife
  • protects vegetation year round

Their repellent is an all-natural, protein based mixture that is guaranteed to permanently stop deer from damaging your yard. For more information visit or call (807)472 1669 to arrange a free estimate.

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The Camellia is a destination store in the Countryside, Camille is passionate about Home Decorating, Gardening, and Floral Design. Come visit us at The Camellia for Hand-made treasures, fashion accessories, oh-so-soft cotton linens, and fabulous floral designs. We deliver Gifts and Flowers in Thunder Bay, On.
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