Container Gardening

Hello! As we get older, container Gardening makes a lot of sense, not so much bending, and less of ( the dreaded task) of Weeding!

Today, we will share with you some of our containers. How well will they perform? That depends on the type of Summer we’re having in Thunder Bay. Last year, we had lots of rain, followed by hot, humid weather. As long as you watered faithfully, (almost every day, if containers are on the south side), you were rewarded with lush, tropical-looking planters.







Container Gardening is so rewarding!

For all your Gardening needs, Visit the Spring Home and Garden show in Thunder Bay!


About thecamellia

The Camellia is a destination store in the Countryside, Camille is passionate about Home Decorating, Gardening, and Floral Design. Come visit us at The Camellia for Hand-made treasures, fashion accessories, oh-so-soft cotton linens, and fabulous floral designs. We deliver Gifts and Flowers in Thunder Bay, On.
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