It’s a steaming hot Summer in Thunder Bay, On

Welcome to Summer in Thunder Bay! Once we got over being declared a Disaster area because of flooding from unprecedented amounts of Rainfall, it’s onward to hot, humid weather. Feels like we’re in the middle  of the Rainforest in Brazil, now we know what Rainy season in the Tropics feels like.

Humidity is good for some things. Our skin loves humidity, keeps those nasty wrinkles at bay. My hair, on the other hand, has ballooned out into a semi- Afro. No amount of hair products will help. Energy levels seem to be sapped by the humidity, which is why productivity in hot countries is less than in cold climates.

  The Plants are loving it, and growing by leaps and bounds every day. Of course, the 3 or 4 rainshowers we receive every day help the plants greatly. My Canna lilies are huge, even with the caterpillars that seem to be chomping away at my Morning Glories and Petunias ( which are in the same planter as the Canna lilies).Image

Beautiful Blue delphiniums, don’t you just love them?


Of course, let’s not forget the showiness of the Peony.


Here are my planters on the Sunny deck, nice Cannas!


 Sunpatiens in the above planters.  Worth every penny!


This colour of Peony is the best for drying – we use these in our Wreaths – along with Bamboo leaves, roses and lavender.



This is the BBAC – Baggage Building Arts Centre at the new Marina  -there is a Gallery here and a Handmade Market at certain times. Phone the Turtle Girls at 807) 684-2063 for info. and hours.


What can be better on a hot Summer day than Sailing? Comment below and send us your photos of your Summer Garden! We will enter your photos in a contest for the 2013 Garden show!!


About thecamellia

The Camellia is a destination store in the Countryside, Camille is passionate about Home Decorating, Gardening, and Floral Design. Come visit us at The Camellia for Hand-made treasures, fashion accessories, oh-so-soft cotton linens, and fabulous floral designs. We deliver Gifts and Flowers in Thunder Bay, On.
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